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Symptoms of a cold

Find out if you have a cold or something more serious

Symptoms of a cold

If you have symptoms of a cold, you are not alone.  It is one of the most common sicknesses, and it affects people around the world.  Perhaps your nose is running, you have a sore throat, and you can’t stop sneezing.  You think you probably have a cold, but how can you know for sure?  Here we offer an overview of the most frequent signs to help you decide if you have one or if it is some other illness.

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Chest cold symptoms

See if your cough is a sign of a chest cold

While often originally caused by the same virus, a chest cold is distinguished from a simple common cold in that the infection is focused, of course, in the chest. The term chest cold usually refers to a condition called acute bronchitis, which affects a patient’s respiratory tract and continues down into the lungs. The infection leads to swelling and increased mucus production in the lower respiratory tract, which causes coughing and sensitivity in the chest area.

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