How to use a neti pot for a sinus infection

For sinus infection sufferers, relief can never come too soon. One method to try for relieving your sinus infection is by using a neti pot. Learn more about this method here.
For sinus infection sufferers, relief can never come too soon. One method to try for relieving your sinus infection is by using a neti pot. If you do not know what a neti pot is and get sinus infections regularly, you will want to keep reading.

Sinus infections strike when the nasal passage is plugged up by bacteria, germs, and viruses. This can cause headaches, sinus aches, congestion, and other unpleasant symptoms. However, there is sinus infection relief for people who get them often. Some people swear by their neti pots to relieve their sinus infection pain.

Neti pots look like small teapots with long spouts. They are created to help flush out the bacteria in your nose and provide relief for sinus infections, allergies, and other congestion. The way it works is that you add a saline solution or saltwater and clean water to the neti pot. Once that is ready, you lean over a sink and tilt your head to the opposite side. Put the neti pot spout to your nostril and pour. Let the water-saline solution flow into your nose and out the nostril of the side of your head that is tilted down. Take the spout out of your nostril and breathe a deep breathe out. Refill and repeat in the other nostril. Now, doesn't that feel much better?

You really want to make sure you use clean, distilled water, or water that has been boiled and then cooled when you use the neti pot. Bottled water also is okay to use in the neti pot. Otherwise, you might introduce an amoeba that can be fatal in rare cases. It is better not to take your chances.

Although it can feel odd to have water running through your nose, you will feel relief right away if you are congested or have a sinus infection. Studies have shown that using a neti pot can be a great relief for allergy and sinus infection sufferers.
Another precaution you should take is to clean your neti pot very well. An unclean neti pot can cause more irritation in the nasal passage and allergies. Given that the spout of the neti pot goes in your nostrils, it is important to give it a good, thorough cleaning after every use. Otherwise, bacteria and fungi could grow in there.

One way to clean the neti pot is by pouring boiling water into it before and after you use the neti pot. Let the boiling water sit in there for a few minutes and then discard it. You also should wash it out with warm water and soap often. If your neti pot goes into the dishwasher, you can put it in there as well. If you use your neti pot when you have an infection, a cold, or a virus, you should wash your neti pot very thoroughly before and after each use. That way the bacteria from your illness will not keep coming back into your body through your nose. You will start to notice when your neti pot starts to get grimy or dirty.
As you can see, a neti pot can be a great way for you to relieve pain from sinus infections and other causes of congestion. 
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