How to keep your nails healthy

Great ways to achieve perfect nail health

Do you think your nails might be unhealthy? Read here for some tips about how to get them in great shape again.

Think about how amazing nails are. These little hard parts of your fingertips help you open things. Nails protect the ends of your fingertips. They can be made pretty with nail polish. They are hard, but still can be bitten. Nails are truly amazing considering they are only layers of protein. That's why it is really important that you take care of your nails and keep them healthy. Check out these tips on how to keep your nails healthy.

What do healthy nails look like?

When you look down at your nails, what do you see? Hopefully, you see that your nails are smooth without grooves or dips. However, ridges that extend from the cuticle to the tip vertically are not a cause for concern. Your nails should be consistent and without spots or other blemishes. Also, nails can have white lines or dark marks from injuries. Those marks should grow out with time though.

These are warning signs of unhealthy nails: discoloration; nail shape that changes; if your nails thin or thicken; bleeding; redness or swollen skin around the nail; and if the nail separates from the skin around it. You should talk with your doctor if you have any of those signs.

Keep nails dry and clean

Bacteria can grow under the fingernail tips so it's important for you to keep your nails clean. Also, try to avoid long times under water. This will weaken your nails. Leave them out of the tub when you take a bath and use gloves to wash the dishes or cleaning. And do not bite those nails! Not only is it a nasty habit that can spread bacteria and diseases, but it weakens your nails.

Trim them

Make sure to trim your nails regularly to keep your nails happy and healthy. Use sharp scissors or a nail clipper when the nails are soft. Do not trim them down to the ends, but leave a little nail on the ridge so they keep growing strong.

Moisturize your nails

Nails love a little moisturizing, too. So rub some of that body lotion into and around your nails the next time you moisturize. Your nails will thank you in the end!

Foods for healthy nails

Protein is a key ingredient for healthy nails. The reason for that is that nails are made up of protein. Meat, eggs, dairy, fish, quinoa, nuts, and nut butters are all good sources of protein. Fruits and veggies also help build healthy nails with their essential amino acids that help build protein in the body. Also, certain vitamins and minerals help build healthy nails.

For example, if you lack vitamin C, you may get more hangnails. Also, weak nails can be an indicator of a lack of vitamin A, various B vitamins, iron, zinc, or a number of other minerals. Vitamin D and calcium both contribute to stronger nails so you may be lacking in those vitamins and minerals if your nails are dry or fragile. You can find vitamin D in sunshine so try to get out a few times during the day. Calcium can be found in dairy, such as milk, yogurt, and eggs.

Eating a well-rounded diet is important to your body, including your nails. Take care of your nails using these tips and you will be thankful for all they do for you.

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