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Headaches are one of the most common ailments experienced by people all over the world. The causes of headaches range from hypertension to stressful lifestyles to chronic migraine issues to dental problems to complications with diet or allergies. Headaches can also be a sign of more serious conditions, so be sure to consult a medical professional if your headaches are persistent and/or intense. Here we look at natural ways to relieve the pain of everyday headaches without the use of the common pharmaceuticals, which often have detrimental side effects.

balanced and nutritious diet is a very simple way to help prevent headaches. One very common cause of headaches, especially in children, is actually just hunger. Don’t forget to give your body the energy and nutrients it needs to perform at its best all day every day. You may find that eating small snacks throughout the day is preferable to consuming a few large meals.

Some people find that certain chemicals in food cause headaches for them. The most common of these are nitrates, sulfites and MSG. Foods that often contain these chemicals include red wine, coffee, chocolate, some dried fruits, and processed meat or packaged “instant” meals.

Peppermint oil is believed by some to have analgesic properties, and some cultures have been known to chew peppermint leaves then press them to their heads to relieve headache pain. Try rubbing a diluted peppermint oil solution on your temples while lying down to relieve the pain of a headache.

There are other useful oils for relaxing and relieving headache pain, as well. Chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary are thought by many to help with relaxation and pain relief. As with the peppermint oil, rub a small amount of a slightly diluted solution of one of these oils into your temples while gently massaging the painful area.

Exercise is an excellent way to prevent headaches or relieve minor headaches just as they begin. Promoting healthy blood flow, staying fit and well and relieving stress are benefits of exercise that also help ward off headaches.

Below we provide the most commonly used homeopathic treatments for headaches, along with a description of when each of them is most appropriate to use.


The Iris flower is a homeopathic headache treatment usually indicated for headaches that arise on just one side of the head. Iris is also recommended for people suffering severe migraine pains in the forehead or temples, accompanied by blurred, dimmed or otherwise impaired vision. Nausea, lack of appetite and, in extreme cases, vomiting are other symptoms of headaches that may be treated with Iris. Rather than sharp pinpointed pain, the headaches best treated by Iris tend to be dull and long lasting with a feeling of tightness or pressure.

Bryonia alba

This treatment works best on headaches with pounding, intrusive pain. Feelings of throbbing pain behind the eyes, and a heavy head can be treated with Bryonia. Other symptoms of headaches that can be treated with Bryonia include sensitivity to noise, light and movement, and headaches experienced mostly in the mornings.


Symptoms of headaches treated with Belladonna include: throbbing, pounding, acute or sudden pain; pressure in the forehead; sensitivity to movement, noise, touch or lying down; and flushed skin.


Use Gelsemium for headaches associated with vertigo, tension, dull pain, heavy head and eyes, tightness around the head, neck pain, deliriousness, frequent urination or blurred vision.

Nux vomica

Nux vomica is most effective for tension headaches, hangover headaches or headaches arising from environmental triggers like air pollution. Other headaches for which Nux vomica may be effective remedy include: headaches accompanied by vertigo, headaches from physical overexertion, tobacco use or caffeine, frontal headaches aggravated by light and sensitive to touch, and headaches that are worse in the mornings.

Finally, make sure you contact a medical professional if your pain is unusually intense, if the headache is accompanied by a high fever or if the headache is the result of a traumatic injury.

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