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Home remedies for the common cold

Learn some great remedies for a cold using products you have in your house

Next time you or your child or suffering from a cold, consider skipping the pharmacy and trying some of these simple cold remedies you can do with things you probably already have at home. You may just find yourself feeling better, recovering more quickly and you’ll avoid the risks or cost of over the counter cold medications.

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Cold remedies: An overview of the best ways to treat your cold

Find the best remedy for you

Today there are a staggering number of products on drugstore shelves touting their cold-fighting prowess. But who should you believe? And if these products do relieve you of your symptoms, at what cost? Here we outline the most common and often misunderstood medications used for treating cold and cough symptoms.

First of all, keep in mind that over-the-counter (OTC) medications can only provide temporary relief for your symptoms.  The virus cannot be treated and these medications will not prevent, get rid of, or even shorten the duration of a cold. Remember, also, that most medications have side effects and should not be taken for prolonged periods of time. Always be sure to read the labels of any medications you use to ensure that you are taking them correctly.

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Homeopathic common cold remedies

Discover natural solutions for your cold symptoms

Human kind has yet to develop a cure for the common cold, but it’s not for lack of trying. The viruses that cause the common cold are still largely mysterious to us, so our only course of action for now is to find ways to treat our symptoms. The drowsiness, sleep problems and other side effects of over the counter cold medications can be a deterrent for many, especially parents, so what other choices do you have? Homeopathic remedies for the common cold, while usually not scientifically proven, are an option that many turn to. 

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