How to avoid getting sick while traveling

Traveling during the holiday season? Make sure to read these health tips

Many otherwise healthy people often find themselves with a head cold after they take a trip.  Why could this be? There are many reasons, including being in places with a high concentration of people, such as airports or bus stations.  Here we will discuss what steps you can take to keep yourself healthy and germ-free during all of your travels.
Always have hand sanitizer

In public places such as airports, there are germs in practically any place you go, including any place you sit down to rest. What’s more, many places do not have clean restrooms. Because of this, hand sanitizer can be a lifesaver if you find yourself in a place that lacks a place to wash your hands. Use hand sanitizer often during your trips to avoid a head cold from germs passed on from others.

Eat healthy foods

It can be difficult to eat healthy food while traveling, since you usually have no place to cook your own food and any snacks you bring will probably deplete before the end of your trip. However, do your best to choose the healthiest foods possible. In the food court, eat a small sandwich with a cup of soup instead of a hamburger and French fries. Drink water instead of beverages with caffeine and alcohol. Simply eating healthier on your trip will make it much easier for your body to stay healthy and cold-free.

Stay hydrated

It is important to make sure that your body does not get dehydrated, especially when you are traveling on a plane. What’s more, since the air inside of most airplanes is very dry, your skin is likely to get dry very quickly. Because of this, it is very important to drink as much water as you can. What’s more, you are more likely to get germs from others on an airplane – some studies show that a person is 100 times more likely to catch a head cold on a plane than during their everyday routine.

Get as much rest as you can

Sleep patterns tend to get disrupted during travel. Try to keep your sleep schedule as regular as possible during your travels, even if that means sleeping on a plane or a bus, or taking a nap during your layover. Your body will thank you if you stay as close to your normal sleep schedule as you can.

What to do next

Many people report being sick with some kind of head cold or chest cold after traveling. Luckily, you can avoid sickness using these steps listed above as well as some common sense. Do what your body signals tell you to do – stay hydrated, keep your hands clean, get some rest, and eat a healthy diet. Happy travels!

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